6 Tips for First-time Folding Bike Users

Folding bikes are a great alternative to scooters and cars for commuting through urban areas. They tend to be well-suited to weaving past crowded subway carriages. Their portability can make them a much more viable mode of transport than a conventional bicycle when it comes time to climb the stairs into your apartment building. Best of all, you can store folding bikes in tiny spaces such as under your desk at work.

However, buying a new folding bike doesn’t guarantee you’ll fall in love with it despite these benefits. That can take time and confidence building. Here are some tips to make you feel like a pro on the saddle:

1. Make Sure the Seat is Comfortable for You

The seat of a folding bike isn’t something you want to skimp on. After all, no one wants to ride around hunched over due to an uncomfortable chair. Some people are okay with very thin cushioning, while others need more space between their rear end and the seat itself. It would be best if you got a chair that you are comfortable with. If the one on your bike doesn’t work for you, it can be replaced or swapped out.

2. Learn How to Steer It

Many people who choose folding bikes do so because they aren’t familiar with bicycling in general. They may have never learned how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. Even though it’s a shorter frame, the handlebars aren’t necessarily easier to steer than those on a traditional bike.

3. Understand How to Fold and Unfold It

As with other folding devices, learning how to fold your bicycle is going to come with practice. The first few times might be a little clumsy, but eventually, you’ll be able to fold it up and unfold it with ease. Folding and unfolding your bike isn’t as easy as folding a stroller or an umbrella, but don’t give up if it doesn’t happen right away. Every time you play around with the foldable joints on your bike, you’re going to get better at folding and unfolding it.

4. Get a Solid Bike Stand for Your Desk

One of the most significant benefits of owning a folding bike is that you can take it with you everywhere – not just on long rides through your neighborhood or city. You can even take it into the office with you if your office allows it. To do this, however, you should make sure you get a stand that can hold your bike. Avoid flimsy frames or leaning them against the wall because they can’t support the weight of your bike.


Before you start riding around, check whether all of the parts are working correctly and nothing looks like it needs replacing. Check for any loose screws and make sure that the brakes are working as well as they should be. If you’re not sure, take your bike into a repair shop or ask an expert mechanic to make sure your folding bike is safe to ride.

Such knowledge can be beneficial for first-time folding bike users. These tips can act as stepping stones to confidently getting on your bicycle and riding through the city streets. While it may take some time to get used to, you’ll eventually feel like a pro on your new invention.


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