5 examples of work-from-home essentials

Working from home has become the new norm for the majority of us in 2020. While it may be tempting to change your working environment and work from the sofa or curl up in bed, it is very important to create a designated ‘office’ space that is very separate from your own homely ‘relaxing’ space. This can increase production levels with your work and support detachment when you’ve finished, allowing you to resume those home comforts – the way it should be.

Here are 5 examples of work-form-home essentials to allow you to enjoy more success despite the change in working environment.

Support your posture and invest in a good chair

Being hunched over your laptop is more than likely going to harm productivity at the same time as harming your back! You should keep in mind that the average time a person can spend a day sitting at their desk is 6 hours.

This is something us humans were simply never meant to do. After a period of time, remember to reassess your posture and take regular walks throughout the day. To support your health and maximise your efforts, invest in a good ergonomic chair for your new home office. Something with a straight back and a neck rest can align your spine properly and reduce back ache.

Limit the time you work on your bed

Beds are far comfier than a chair, but over time it can increase problems. Unless you sit on the side of the bed, your legs will be crossed or extended horizontally, acting as support for your laptop, and that is simply too low for optimal screen viewing!

If a bed is your only option, put a pillow behind your back to rest against the headboard and put your laptop on a cushion on your lap. Alternatively, get a low table for the laptop to go over your legs so you can type at a comfortable height without straining your neck.

Consider looking into a virtual office

Although working from home has become the ‘new normal’, it’s true that having a business address can help your company to seem more professional and established. Virtual offices from BE Offices can give you the best of both worlds!

Continue working from the comfort of your own home but with a professional address that you can proudly display on your website, Google my Business and other marketing mediums.

Also consider outsourcing where possible, in the spirit of saving time!

Email marketing services are an invaluable tool for anyone looking to start a business or build quality customer relationships. While there is no shortage of email marketing services, choosing the right one for your specific needs and preferences can be a daunting task. EmailToolReviews.com can help you in this matter –  providing detailed reviews and comparisons of the options out there, you can quickly determine which service will best cater to you.

 Put your screen sideways to a bright window.

To minimise the chances of visual eye strain from glare or partial retinal adaptation, try not to work with your back to a window, as the light coming in will cause a glare on your screen.

In a similar way, avoid facing a window, as you’ll be staring into the light. Unless the window has shades or drapes that can be closed, your screen should be perpendicular to the window. If you are working at a glass table, cover it to prevent reflected glare.

Weekly planners

Working from home is like fighting with a double-edged sword – you can either be super productive or end up accomplishing nothing at the end of the day. So, it is better to plan your weekly tasks before kicking things off.

There are different tools such as WeekPlan that can help you with aligning your tasks with the goals set by your company. Through these tools, you can track your progress and the direction you’re going in.

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