5 Essential Document Storage Tools Businesses Need In 2022

For any business to be a success, they need to be organised and in control of its operation from day one. However, there has been one major change in the way companies operate in recent years – remote working. More and more businesses are increasingly relying on online document storage as part of their transition to remote working.

File cabinets don’t serve their purpose if employees are situated in various parts of the country or even around the world. Thankfully, there are document storage tools business owners can make use of that make it easy to share documents, back up work, and keep their operation in check. With that in mind, here are some essential document storage tools businesses can benefit from in 2022 and beyond.

Google Docs

Google Docs is perhaps one of the leading document storage tools that business owners lean towards. This web-based application enables business owners to create and edit spreadsheets and documents. These can be stored online with Google Drive and shared with employees. This enables the whole team to view and edit the same document. If any changes are made to the document, these can be easily tracked. Google Docs is ideal for documents such as an employee handbook. This is because it can be updated as needed and made sure everyone on the team has access to it.

There are other benefits of Google Docs too. This tool is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, is packed with helpful features, and is free to use. Google Docs is a convenient tool for businesses and employees. Spreadsheets and documents can be accessed from any device, such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. If employees are on the go, they can check documents within a matter of seconds. 

Files can be shared on Google Docs using custom links. Videos, photos, and PDFs can also be stored using this tool which can save space. It’s also handy to have a merge tool too which can combine PDFs and save space.


Dropbox is a cloud-based storage file service that enables business owners to securely store files. These can also be shared with other team members. One of the best features of Dropbox is the ability to retrieve previous versions of a document. This can be useful if any changes need to be tracked or to restore an old version of the tool. Dropbox is easy to use and any member of the team can access the tool by simply connecting to the internet. Dropbox can also be downloaded on smartphones, laptops, computers, and more. To begin using this tool, simply open the application and download or upload files.

Another advantage of Dropbox is it’s safe and secure. This is a must for any business owner. Should a device go missing like a smartphone, business owners can head to Dropbox and access any files that were in them. Dropbox encrypts files in transit and are encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit protocol. 

As long as collaborators have a Dropbox account, files can be distributed and downloaded. Files can be password protected too, meaning only those who are supposed to have access to the files can access and work on them. 

Microsoft OneDrive

Another popular document storage tool is Microsoft OneDrive. This tool has been Microsoft’s most basic cloud storage tool for many years. However, the integration of the company’s OneDrive has really propelled its use across many businesses. While its reputation is growing as a secure storage system, many companies are not aware of how they can fully benefit from the tool. OneDrive is tightly integrated with other Microsoft Office products, which makes it easy for businesses to save, share, store, and collaborate on content.

The major benefit of Microsoft OneDrive is having a secure folder, which is entirely private and cloud-based. This can be used to store important documents which can be accessed from any device. There is also the option to set editing and sharing rights at either document or folder level, allowing businesses to begin collaborating with colleagues both inside and outside of the business. 

Other advantages of Microsoft OneDrive include free-up device storage, unlimited file access, renders files available from anywhere for collaboration, and a customisable sync experience.


Box is an innovative document management platform that relies on cutting-edge cloud technology. This tool makes it easy to make and edit content collaboratively and securely from any device, while making sure it’s properly governed and secured. One of the key advantages of Box is that businesses can securely share important documents in a very simple manner. To start, drag and drop files into the Box folder and share the ‘public’ link with any business vendors, partners, employees, and so on. Furthermore, there is the ability to generate codes to embed the shared link into websites or blogs. Users who receive this email can access the shared folder. However, they must sign up for a Box account first.

Business owners can set permissions for document access with Box. For confidential documents, access can be kept for internal employees only. Other files that need to be shared with external users need to be set to public permission access, enabling everyone to retrieve the files provided they have the link. Box also allows businesses to generate custom URLs. This can further enhance the security of the document by setting an expiry date for the shared link.

Box also prides itself on having effortless online syncing. For those worried about needing an internet connection to use Box, worry no longer. The tool allows employees to work offline too. Their Box Sync feature keeps all files stored and ready to be accessed, even in offline mode. This is beneficial for those going on a business trip overseas or away from the office who haven’t got a good signal.


Last but not least, pCloud is a secure and safe cloud storage solution that permits companies, professionals, teams, and private individuals to handle and keep folders and files in a web-based or cloud environment. Because the tool stores files and folders in highly protected cloud storage locations or areas, this enables users to access them easily from any kind of device, like a PC, mobile phone, or laptop. pCloud improves and accelerates how employees and business heads work on various projects. This makes it easy for them to check for specific files and folders they need, thanks to the tools search feature.

pCloud allows users to give indirect and direct access to files and folders stored in the solution. For instance, if a business owner wants their colleagues to access documents directly, they can generate a link that routes them directly to a publicly available storage space, known as the Public Folder. This features all the files and folders they want to provide them access to. Users can share documents by sending invitations to anyone they wish. They’re also able to specify how many documents should be accessed by those individuals they are inviting.

Documents housed in pCloud can be accessed not only by employees within the business, but people that are not involved in the project. This includes family members and friends. This is thanks to generating download links. When a user shares a download link with another, that individual can download the document to their computer or mobile device.

For employees to effectively collaborate with one another, share important business documents, and have everything in one place, it makes sense to use any of the document storage tools above. That way, business owners can safely store and share confidential files, send them to employees, and sync them across all their devices. 

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