5 Book Recommendations for Drug Addicts

Reading is one of the healthiest and simplest activities you can engage in when you’re recovering. Not only will it occupy and divert your attention, but it can also widen your knowledge and imagination. Apart from that, books can make you realize a lot of things about your addiction and problems. It’s a great way not to feel alone in your journey. Open a book today and escape from your abusive lifestyle.

Before we dive into books that you should read, here is a reminder: it is best to seek help. If you need rehabilitation, you can visit a drug rehab in West Sussex

Now, here are five books you should check out to stay on your path to recovery.

  1. Girl Walks Out of a Bar by Lisa Smith

The story is about a professional who unfortunately has a drinking and cocaine addiction. A lot of substance abusers in the corporate world can relate to the story. It showed how substance abuse can make you extremely pathetic and can cost you your profession. If you are a professional who is now dependent on substances, this may be a good book for you to read. 

Terry: My daughter’s life-and-death struggle with alcoholism by George McGovern

This is a very painful and sad story. Terry has helped a lot of women recover from their own addictions after she achieved her sobriety. Unfortunately, Terry relapsed, and that eventually led to her death. This book will make you realize how ruthless relapses and substance abuse can be and how your addiction can also affect the people around you.

Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man by Bill Clegg

This is Clegg’s memoir of how he lost everything due to his substance addiction. He lost his clients, his apartment, his boyfriend, and eventually, himself. It details how he spiraled from a known person to the worst version of himself in the writing industry. This book will make you realize how damaging substance abuse can be and that it will never be the right solution for your problems.

How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell

This book will not hold back and punch you in the gut to tell you the truth about substance abuse. It is Marnell’s memoir that extensively explores her childhood, her career, and her substance addiction. How to Murder your Life will make sure you understand the adverse effects of depending on drugs. 

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

This book centers around a 23-year-old man with alcohol and drug addiction. It explores how he copes in a rehabilitation center. This is an excellent book to read if you want to learn more about what it’s like to recover at a treatment facility.

Books are a great way to escape the harsh reality. Instead of thinking about harmful substances, it is best to open a book and dive into other people’s minds. However, it is also good to converse with others about the things you read. If you want to talk with someone about your issues, you can hire a lifestyle coach. Jason Shiers is a life coach who can help you on your path towards sobriety, just like successful book authors above.

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