5 Benefits of Working in the IT Industry 

If you’re not feeling fulfilled in your current career, or have doubts about where you’re actually heading in your company, you might be considering making a change. However, such a drastic life change is daunting to think about and begs the “which career path will suit me?”, especially if you’ve already spent years on one path for you to realize it’s not for you. Today we’ll share some of the amazing benefits you can reap from pursuing a career in IT. Let’s dig in!

It Allows Freedom

Those who work in IT are said to have a great work/life balance, work remotely if they want to and grow their skillset/training whilst on the job. What do all these things have in common? They help you to create more freedom in your life. Let’s take a look at remote working, for example. By working from wherever you want, you can ditch the commute, spend more time with your family and even explore the option of living abroad. Many companies, especially post-pandemic, are beginning to recognize that remote work is possible and flexible working hours and locations will soon become the norm. With a job in IT, all you need is a laptop/computer and a stable internet connection. 

You’ll Earn a Great Salary 

With the UK national average salary being £31,590 (mean) according to the Office of National Statistics, it’s easy to see why a career in IT might entice you. Although some entry-level positions fall a little short of that £31k mark, it’s still much higher than entry-level positions in other fields and as you gain more experience you’ll likely earn far more than the national average. As an example, if you complete a cyber security course, you could quite easily get a job as an Information Security Engineer (£46,071 per year) IT Security Consultant (£50,176) or a Penetration Tester (£57,954).

*salaries are all averages and are taken from Glassdoor

You Can Work in Any Industry 

The great thing about IT is that pretty much every type of company needs some form of IT infrastructure. Even small startups will likely need an IT professional to help set up their in-house network and then provide ongoing support, even if it’s just on an Adhoc/freelance basis to start out with. This means that you can choose to work in a field that really ignites you and that you’re passionate about.

You Don’t Need a Degree 

Many IT professionals don’t actually have any formal qualifications like a degree which is great because it provides a lower barrier to entry for people like yourself who may be considering a career change. Having said this, online IT certifications may help you to land your dream role and put you ahead of the competition. You can start off with a basic certification that covers the fundamentals, and then niche down once you have some work experience under your belt. If you want to find out more about how you can get IT certified online, here’s a great resource that’ll help. 

You Could End Up Working for Some Cool Tech Startups or the Next Big Thing!

Tech startups are some of the best work environments to be in. There’s usually a casual and laid-back vibe (as long as you get the work done, of course) and a bunch of benefits. Being in a bustling entrepreneurial environment is always exciting, especially if the startup you work for is constantly developing new systems and ideas. They usually offer a great work/life balance too and an opportunity to disrupt the market with a transformational product and service. We’ve also personally found that there’s a ton of perks too like free food/drinks, games areas for breaks, and the opportunity to rise through the ranks quickly.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we’ve managed to highlight some of the great benefits that a career in IT can have for you. IT truly has the potential to create a prosperous future for yourself and your family. The IT industry is growing at a rapid rate and this is only likely to continue as we focus even more on advancing our technology. So, what do you think? Could a career in IT be for you?

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