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4 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home as a Busy Parent

You may think that the words ‘clean home’ and ‘parent’ shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence, let alone written up in a blog post. But these pointers on how to keep a clean home as a busy parent are here to show you that yes, it is possible to stay on top of the chores and a keep a spotless house whilst looking after the family!

We hope the below pointers from the SMC Premier Cleaning team give your cleaning routine the kick-start it’s been looking for:

Turn Cleaning into a Game!

Even if we say so ourselves, this approach to getting the children involved in the cleaning process is genius. Cleaning can be made fun with a cleaning chart, using rewards for a successful week of cleaning, or simply by teaching your children how to clean or tidy in a way that they’ll love. Pro tip – If you can create a cleaning chart themed like their favourite show or film, you’ll be on to a winner.

Be Realistic & Build a Routine

Like setting any goals, you’re going to have to realistically map what can be achieved within a day. Write out your average day at home, and identify cleaning tasks that can be slotted in-between a free (or less hectic) period. This will also naturally encourage a routine of cleaning when you get a spare moment or two.

Break Bad Habits

One of the biggest bad habits in a home in terms of clutter is not immediately putting something away once it has been used. Again, when forming habits, encourage your children to immediately put their toys away and it’ll naturally become second nature if regularly reinforced. Putting things away immediately goes for you too, parents! And let’s face it, it’s the same issue you face whether you’re cleaning in the home or even if you’re trying to avoid the dreaded spring office cleaning chores!


If you know you’re going to have a busy day at home, then chances are you won’t get every bit of cleaning done that’s on your list. So, it’s time to prioritise your cleaning schedule. Which room realistically needs a clean the most? What can be left until tomorrow or done with some help from the children later in the day? Creating a priority order of cleaning will also ensure you don’t take on too much in one day… Save some energy for being a parent, you need it!

We hope this breakdown of cleaning tips for busy parents has provided you with the inspiration and encouragement needed to take your cleaning schedule around the home to the next level! These methods of cleaning are also incredibly important if you’re looking after vintage furniture or anything that is costly, so sticking to a cleaning schedule can certainly save you money in the long run too!

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