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3 ways to incorporate tech into your home

It’s almost impossible to escape technology these days. In recent years, we have seen cars, drones and robots perform tasks that would normally be performed by humans. We have experienced a society that is glued to their phones. We have been introduced to 5G technology, which offers faster speeds on smartphones and other devices than ever before. Today, humans can complete their banking, book their cinema tickets and communicate with family the other side of the globe, in a few simple taps.

And the world is only going to become more advanced. Today, individuals can also benefit from a range of technology within their homes. If you have been wanting to bring your home up to speed with the modern era – while making sure it remains stylish – allow us to help.

To learn more about the basics of home technology and find out what’s trending now, read on.

Increase levels of security with automated lighting and cameras

 A huge benefit of introducing technology into your home includes the safety factor. Extra security such as automated lighting may discourage the likes of trespassers or burglars from coming anywhere near. Also, installing cameras will ensure that you can check on your home when you’re not there.

Choose smart window blinds

Swift Direct Blinds asked 1,000 UK residents what key décor themes work today and found that 31% of respondents said that they plan on introducing the upcoming ‘Nordic Retreat’ theme to their home. In order to create the perfect look – while adding in a practicality factor – homeowners can choose to match textured curtains with smart window blinds, which gives them the luxury of automatically controlling when they want the sun to shine through.

Control heating through smart thermostats

Smart thermostats can switch the heating on and off when necessary, providing you with the efficiency you need in the home. Your thermostats could also look after your garden area when you are not there. If you need to water the grass but don’t want to leave the sprinklers on all day when you’re at work, you can take advantage of home automation to control your water management – so you can turn off your sprinklers whenever you’re ready from wherever you are!

We will continue to see growth in home technology over the next few years. Make your home more attractive to buyers when it comes to selling it by getting ahead of the game with these trends.

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